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Lord, even as I get older life still has its ups and downs.  I’ve been working really hard trying to get two houses ready, one that we are buying and one which is being sold, or that is my hope.

Today I received a call from the realtor that the house appraised for $210,000 and that the buyer was willing to pay $215,000.  I noticed that ours was appraised at least $10 a square foot cheaper than any comparable houses even though we have a beautiful backyard with pool and hot tub.

Right now I’m feeling that if we can’t get close to our asking price and the appraiser does not change the appraisal that we’ll keep the house.  That will be tough, 3 houses in High Point to keep up but why sell a beautiful house for less than it is worth?  Better to rent it?  that’s my feeling today at least.

Lord, I know that you have control over the situation.  Help me to be open to what you want, not what I feel is right.  Let me be responsible and not make any rush decisions.  Let me learn to trust you and see your working in my life.

I’ve spent so little time with you recently.  No excuses.  Just an acknowledgment that I’ve felt overwhelmed with everything I’ve been doing.  There is still time to pray, no matter how busy I might be.

Let your friends know

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