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Sometimes children say things that make you cry. This morning was one of those days. My granddaughter, Autumn climed into my lap and said “can we pray?”

At first I did not understand what she was saying. At three she talks well. She should, she has certainly practiced enough, but I don’t always pick up everything she says and this was one of those times. 

I’m not really sure what made her say that either. We’ve prayed together but not so much that she would think of praying when she saw me, especially not in the morning. 

This one simple act made a difference in my life today. I prayed more today and looked at people from Jesus’ view. Words, they can destroy a day or a life or transform it into something wonderful. 

Today Autumn Raelee Smith you changed my day. May I change yours as we walk through life together. I love you. 

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