About Me

I set up this site primarily to record my thoughts and pass any insights I’ve gained from 59 years onto my grandchildren and whoever else might wonder across this site.

The Vitamvas clan(s) all seem to have migrated from Bohemia, the Czechoslovakia region during the 1800s to the United States.  The other side of my family was the Methenys who came from England and Ireland and settled in West Virginia in the 1800s.

I was fortunate to have spent most of my childhood growing up in Cape May NJ.  I did not realize it then but it was a great place to raise kids.  A small town where transportation by bicycle was as good as a car, especially in the busy summer months.

We were free to roam the town, visiting friends without the need to beg mom and dad to take us places.

After high school I moved to North Carolina to attend High Point College, now High Point University, met my wife and settled down in the Triad.  I’ve had success and failures working for others and owning my own businesses, but I’m an entrepreneur at heart.  I love the freedom and challenge of running your own business, of making things happen and yes even stressing over money, the lack of it, at times.

Currently I manage Memory Cross which makes origami flip cards that are used mostly by churches and Christians to share the Gospel, teach children Bible stories and memorize Scripture.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with LifeWay, e3 Resources (Evangecube people), The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and others who used this innovative card to reach others for Christ.

I also help selected clients with developing new streams of revenue through online venues like Amazon, Shopify and eBay.  Most business I’ve found will benefit from even a small percentage of the millions of customers that visit Amazon.

I graduated from High Point University in 1979 and received my MBA in 1984 from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.